Terrific Twos

img_5718Not something you hear often, is it? Terrific twos? Today I’m suffering from major-with-a-capital-m mummy guilt because I’ve dropped my gorgeous Big Boy (aka Henry) at daycare. And I’m not even at work.

My partner and I were worried Henry wasn’t getting enough play dates since we moved from Adelaide, away from my mother’s group. I have heaps of Tasmanian friends.  In fact, they’re my best friends in the world and many of them have kids, but they’re a 1hr20min drive away and Louis hates the car.

Since Louis came along I’ve felt like I’m not giving Henry enough attention. What with the food intolerances and the not sleeping, he demands a lot of my time. And I’m tired. With a capital T. In bold font. So I haven’t played with Henry with as much enthusiasm as I’d like.

Plus, in five months time I will be back at work, and I’m hoping a day a week in daycare will make that transition easier on him.

Ok now I’m just trying to justify the fact that I’ve dumped my gorgeous boy somewhere unfamiliar and probably traumatised him for life. So I’m sitting in a vegan paleo cafe (weird breastfeeding diet calls for this. I do NOT fit in) documenting all of the adorable things about being two.

1. We can have conversations now. And mostly we can understand each other.

His language is amazing and adorable. He sneezed yesterday and said “bless you, me.” He stubbed his toe and said “sorry, me.” We went outside to play because I was concerned that he was watching excavator videos on YouTube AGAIN and he said “bye dig digs.” Yesterday he told me the trees were hiding in the steam. He hadn’t seen a foggy morning before. I posted about that yesterday, I know. But it was so damn cute.

2. He plays make believe.

I hurt my toe yesterday. Actually I’m pretty sure his woo woo truck ran over it. He brought me his blue bear and put it on my foot and proclaimed it was a bandage and said “poor mummy.” Heart. Melts.

3. He’s started copying us  

When we’re trying to get him to sleep we often lay down on his bed and pretend to go to sleep. Last night he turned the light off, gave me his bear and said “goodnight mummy” and went right back to not sleeping. Then he came over and planted a big wet one on my forehead. I actually teared up it was so cute.

Sometimes he does squats and counts them out (that’s his dad he’s copying, not me!). His counting goes 1, 2, 9, 2, 10!

4. He adores the dog.

They actually play tug together. He puts the toy in his mouth too. Our dog can literally pull me over but knows to be gentle with Henry. He puts up with a lot. He also gets fed a lot so he must figure its worth it. He gets the crust of Henry’s toast every morning and gets told “good boy.” Actually, I get called a good boy a lot too.

5. The dancing. 

Oh, the dancing. It is so funny it takes all my willpower not to laugh. Lately he requires about five “Wiggly Woo” a day. We may have danced to it in a cafe on the weekend. We had the room to ourselves, but his dad was still mortified. Speaking of his dad, when he busts out the moves with Henry I can’t hold in the laughs. I don’t actually understand how he can dad-dance out of time to the music. It’s like singing out of tune on purpose. It’s gloriously awful.

6. He can blow his nose! 

(If I hold the tissue and read his mood just right and we’re standing in the right direction and wearing the right clothes and all the stars align). But he can do it!

Ok this didn’t help at all.  Now I miss him. But Louis is asleep so we’ll have to wait until he’s ready for his next nap before we can pick Henry up.  Otherwise there will be frustrated mournful crying in the car and I don’t want to traumatise them both in one day!



2 thoughts on “Terrific Twos”

  1. I can relate to everything on your list. I have a 2.5 year old, and it’s so cool seeing her learn so many new words, things, etc. It can be trying at time, but it’s my favorite age.


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